James Robey
Lead Vocals and Bass

James was brought up from an early age on classical music, learning violin from a mere 5 years old. The rebellion quickly began showing his hatred for Classic FM, but continued the violin and led local orchestras. An experimentalist at heart he tried many more modern instruments, but from 18 picked up singing again, and from 20 began playing the bass full time as the band picked up pace.

Originating from Kent, James moved to Coventry to study Physics - the fool - at Warwick University. No matter where he goes, he loves to play cricket, despite averaging under 0.67 and 0.5 runs with the bat for the past two seasons at his home club, the Old Williamsonians.

Howard Hall

Howard began his musical life playing piano, clarinet and saxophone, taking his abilities to the county orchestras. Once we found a drum kit, aged 20 he quickly realised his animal-like tendancies and snatched the role of drummer from everyone else. Ever since he has further grown into the stereotypical mad-man drummer.

Also coming from Kent, and the same secondary school as James, Howard studies maths at Warwick - although still struggles to remember pi as being near to 3. Spookily, was picked at random to be in the same corridor as James in university halls too. Now captain of the university men's water polo B team, the only thing that can stop him now is his ability to sleep for 15 hours every day.

Ben de Meza
Lead Guitar

From about 17 years of age, he took up the guitar, and more recently has made attempts at learning the piano, and even the ukulele - the band justs uses his superior guitar talent though.

Ben started life in London, but moved to Exeter for most of his life, before his academic trails led him to Warwick to study maths - the brains behind his and Howard's courses... The poor guy though was also picked on that same dreaded corridor in first year accommodation, and is still yet to shake off James or Howard, despite his best efforts. A fan of ten-pin bowling, one of few people you'll meet who will refuse to go bowling with you if the lane is too dry.

Feb 9
9 p.m.

Warwick University
The Graduate

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