The story began in the Corridor of Kitchen 8, Arthur Vick 3 as fresh-faced first years in 2003. James and Ben began to play music together, James taking up singing again after giving up through lack of interest at school, and Ben on his trusty acoustic guitar. After moving for practice sessions in official practice rooms so as not to annoy the wardens for a few months, James knew of Howard's musical talent and so Howard joined in with his piano skills. At the end of their first year, a first attempt at writing a song began, but it was forgotten by the second year and the scraps of paper lost.

In their second year, with the aid of Warwick University's Bandsoc, the trio began playing electric covers. Ben was the perennial guitarist, Howard and James swapping between drums and vocals, Howard occasionally on keyboard and vocals, and it was here that Jon Bradley was introduced to the line-up as a bass player. Acoustic and electric practice continued throughout their second year, but in the late spring of 2005 the band reduced to three as the original trio wanted to press on with the thought of playing gigs and writing new original material. Jon wasn't so keen on this, especially with other commitments, and it was here that James took up Bass, leaving Howard to concentrate on drums. We very much appreciate all Jon's effort as we probably wouldn't be where we are without him.

Into their third year, the trio came back with some original material, continuing the trend from the end of the second year. They continued to practise when they could book slots in the Bandsoc practice room, but also worked hard on the new songs outside of this too. After many potential names were dismissed, National Audio Helpline were unleashed, and played their first gig at "Kelsey's" in Leamington Spa at a Cabaret event organised by the Warwick University society 'Freshblood'. Already they'd been told they were too loud at their first electric gig!

2006 has already seen National Audio Helpline kickstart into the limelight, with an appearance at the Bandsoc run Acoustic Battle Of The Bands. After writing 4 songs in the nick of time, they finished in a respectable 4th place out of 5, their main flaw understandably being inexperience. A second appearance at a 'Freshblood Cabaret' in Kelsey's saw another acoustic set, the covers going down particularly well, with a request to come back for the next time. As the band(wagon) picks up momentum, they've already collected two unofficial awards from Bandsoc vice-president James Ellis: "Best Named Newcomers", and "Most Ambiguously Named Newcomers". Next up... the main Bandsoc Battle of the Bands awaits in early February.

Feb 9
9 p.m.

Warwick University
The Graduate

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