There are some people we have to thank for various reasons, and without them some things just wouldn't have happened...

First up, Jon Bradley - if he hadn't joined us and taken us through the transition from acoustic to electric like we did together, we wouldn't have realised our full potential anywhere near as quickly as we did. So a massive thank you and thumbs up to Jon!

Secondly, James's dad, who has provided a bass guitar for James to play, and who actually came up with our name, so thank you!!

Thirdly, the Warwick University Band society - aptly named "Bandsoc", who rent out their practice room where we practised our craft, and have always been on hand to help out at our performances. The Freshblood society and Kelsey's bar in Leamington also need mentioning for organising our first proper gigs.

Finally, thanks to Laura Howes for helping to set up this website - we provide the content, she does the donkey work! Thank you!!

Feb 9
9 p.m.

Warwick University
The Graduate

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